Farmer Invents Solar-Powered Lawn Mower

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091309r2aPeople are amazing these days. Last December, a 70-year old Indian woman gave birth to her first child. And now, just this past week, although not as physically impressive, a 70-year man from Colorado invented a line of solar-powered lawn equipment. So much for moving to that lakefront property in northern Florida.

Tom Lopez, the man behind the invention, lives on 120-acre Lone Hawk Farm just west of Hygiene, CO. With that much land to cover, it makes perfect sense to create a solar-powered lawn mower. And the best part? It wasn’t even that difficult to make.

“That’s the thing about this stuff — it’s not rocket science,” said Lopez, a 1962 University of Colorado-Boulder graduate with a degree in aerospace engineering. “It just uses standard technology.”

Lopez has built several mowers and tractors by himself, and is working with another company on mass-production. That’s good timing, because after being featured in a national magazine, Lopez is getting calls from all over the country.

“One local (customer), and the rest are nationwide,” Lopez said. “I’ve even got one in Alaska.

One Colorado farmer’s invention could go a long way to decreasing pollution all over the world.

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