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The Last Place You Would Have Ever Looked For Fuel

July 22nd, 2009

n1216552007_8159Topping off your hydrogen-fueled car’s tank may soon have an entirely new meaning.

Ohio University scientists have developed an all-in-one machine to take urine, extract hydrogen from it, safely store precious-yet-dangerous gas and later extract it to generate energy. The researchers think their pee-powered prototype could finally make a case for practical hydrogen power.

From Discovery News: “One cow can provide enough energy to supply hot water for 19 houses,” said Gerardine Botte, a professor at Ohio University developing the technology.

Now that’s what we call a stream of energy.

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Burning Calories to Create Energy

June 29th, 2009

green-microgym-bikeIn this current recession, everyone is looking for ways to save money. Adam Boesel, the owner of The Green Microgym in Portland, Or., has found a way to shave operating costs while also giving his clients a workout.

The clever proprietor has doctored up the fitness club’s spin bikes with weed whacker motors and truck alternators so that patrons can create energy to help power the 2,800-foot space.

The opening of The Green Microgym coincides with the announcement of M2E’s kinetic charger, which can generate energy from motion. The kinetic energy system uses the Faraday Principle, which states that the movement of a conductor through a magnetic field produces voltage in the conductor proportional to the speed of the movement. In this case, the conductor is a wire coil.

The system uses a magnet that moves against the coil every time the charger moves, generating a charge that is captured in a capacitor. A logic circuit takes the charge to the built-in Li-Ion cell, where it is stored until use.

Boesel expects patrons to power only a quarter of the gym’s power at first, but after he equips the elliptical trainers with similar motors, he hopes that the energy supply will become entirely self-sufficient.  

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