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Old Meat, New Energy

August 11th, 2009

meatyMeat, it’s what’s for dinner. Or energy. Ever wonder what happens to all the extra meat that expires at the supermarket or the butcher shop? Well at least one supermarket isn’t just throwing it away. UK supermarket Tesco is turning meat into energy–yah, you read that right.

The food chain is burning 5,000 tons of inedible meat for fuel. The biomass processing is being handled by the Cheshire-based PDM Group. The meat-energy will then used to power UK homes via the National Grid. In fact, Tesco says they dispose of enough old meat to power 600 homes a year.

This begs the question, why are supermarkets loading up on so much meat when they can’t possibly sell it all before it goes bad? But I’ll leave that one for another day. As long as they can put it to a good use it’s ok in my book, although providing power doesn’t entail the same instant gratification as a well-cooked filet mignon.

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